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    110003 - Lucky Leprechauns

    Join Ms. Brittany and discover something fun during Super Saturdays at Kaltenbach Park! Each month offers a new theme and includes stories, crafts, and songs! Parent participation is required. Fee is per child/per session (parents do not need to register).

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    Add to CartAvailable110003-01Lucky Leprechauns03/11/17- 03/11/1710:00 AM- 11:00 AMSaKaltenbach Park$103 years to under 7 yearsItem Details

    111001 - Preschool Storytime

    Join us at Avondale for FUN with books, music, crafts, and more that encourage development of early literacy & social skills. Each month we explore a new theme with the Avondale residents, sharing in stories and songs, and creating a small art project to take home and display for the family. Don’t miss out on this great sharing experience with your little ones!

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    Add to CartAvailable111001-01Preschool Storytime03/23/17- 03/23/1710:00 AM- 11:00 AMThAvondale$3Birth to under 7 yearsItem Details

    111100 - Mini Break Camp

    Join us at a special Spring Break Camp, especially for preschoolers! Mini Break combines learning and fun designed to increase social development, self-esteem, and independence through structured games, songs, crafts, nature, and sports. Campers have a variety of structured indoor and outdoor (weather permitting), age-appropriate activities scheduled each day. There is NO swimming and NO field trip.

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    Add to CartAvailable111100-01Mini Break Camp03/27/17- 03/31/17 9:00 AM- 12:00 PMM-FDCRC$75/$853 years to under 7 yearsItem Details

    114201 - Jr. Instructibles

    Join us at Jr. Instructibles where you and your child build and learn utilizing a variety of Lego® blocks. Each week focuses on a theme and includes: letter recognition; colors; counting; patterns; and shapes. Start and end each class with time for imagination exploration where children have the opportunity to naturally enhance socialization and fine motor development skills in a group atmosphere.

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    Read NoticeUnavailable114201-01Jr. Instructibles01/13/17- 01/27/1710:30 AM- 11:15 AMFDCRC$25/$354 years to under 7 yearsItem Details
    Read NoticeCancelled114201-02Jr. Instructibles02/24/17- 03/10/1710:30 AM- 11:15 AMFDCRC$25/$354 years to under 7 yearsItem Details

    114210 - Angry Birds

    Join Mrs. Barbara and her angry bird friends to learn about these powerful birds of prey and their amazing adaptations. Learn cool facts about these raptors and see them up close for a real-life angry bird experience!

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    Read NoticeUnavailable114210-01Angry Birds01/18/17- 01/18/17 5:30 PM- 6:30 PMWDCRC$5Birth and UpItem Details

    119999 - Wacky Wednesday

    Bring your little ones on the first Wednesday of each month to Kaltenbach Park and play with us. Each month we celebrate a new theme, complete with age-appropriate games, and crafts that families are welcome to join in at their own pace. One fee pays for a Wacky Wednesday Pass (included with the receipt once registration is complete). Registration is NOT available at Kaltenbach. This pass is good for all January-May 2017 sessions offered. Parent participation is required. The program is not intended for daycares and playgroups. More information available at

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    Add to CartAvailable119999-01Wacky Wednesday01/04/17- 05/03/1710:00 AM- 11:00 AMWKaltenbach Park$10Infant to under 7 yearsItem Details

    121110 - Spring Break Camp

    Spend your time off this spring with us at Spring Break Camp! Stay actively engaged in games, crafts, and nature/science exploration. Specialized activities are planned each day from noon-2 p.m. A field trip is scheduled for Wednesday, March 29(additional fee). Bring a nut-free lunch and be prepared for a day of fun and play! A camp newsletter will be available with more details by March 6. Spring Break Camp participants are required to have a completed online health care form on file before attending the program.

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    Read NoticeFull121110-01Spring Break Camp03/27/17- 03/27/17 8:00 AM- 5:30 PMMDCRC$35/$456 years to under 13 yearsItem Details
    Read NoticeFull121110-02Spring Break Camp03/28/17- 03/28/17 8:00 AM- 5:30 PMTuDCRC$35/$456 years to under 13 yearsItem Details
    Read NoticeFull121110-03Spring Break Camp03/29/17- 03/29/17 8:00 AM- 5:30 PMWDCRC$50/$606 years to under 13 yearsItem Details
    Add to CartWaitlist121110-04Spring Break Camp03/30/17- 03/30/17 8:00 AM- 5:30 PMThDCRC$35/$456 years to under 13 yearsItem Details
    Read NoticeFull121110-05Spring Break Camp03/31/17- 03/31/17 8:00 AM- 5:30 PMFDCRC$35/$456 years to under 13 yearsItem Details

    121129 - Little Medical School

    Ever wonder why bones break? Can you name the major bones in the body? Spend time with the Little Medical School staff in this mini course, discussing what bones are made of, practice casting and splinting, and build your own humerus bone model. Through interactive demonstrations, identify types of broken bones - join us and let's make a cast!

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    Add to CartAvailable121129-01LMS:Let's Make a Cas03/11/17- 03/11/17 9:00 AM- 12:00 PMSaDCRC$60/$706 years to under 13 yearsItem Details

    121130 - Train Your Brain

    LearningRx Brain Trainers lead brain training activities and other games and activities that increase cognitive skills in a fun environment. Participants work on memory, attention, problem solving and really challenge their mind.

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    Add to CartAvailable121130-03Train Your Brain03/15/17- 03/15/17 4:30 PM- 6:00 PMWDCRC$29/$396 years to under 13 yearsItem Details

    121137 - Challenge Island - Creeper Cra

    Challenge Island's Mindcraft Creeper Crazy Camp turns the digital world of Minecraft into real world, creative fun for kids. Tribes build their own shelters, tools, and crafting tables. They tackle creepers, zombies and other mobs, and design their very own mine trains. This incredible camp is sure to sell out fast, so secure your child's spot today! Participants need to pack a nut-free lunch for the day. More details and daily schedule: PLEASE NOTE: The times for this camp are 8 a.m. - noon each day, and the fees are $175 for residents, and $192 for non-residents.

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    Add to CartAvailable121137-01Challenge Island - C03/27/17- 03/31/17 8:00 AM- 12:00 PMM-FKaltenbach Park$175/$1926 years to under 13 yearsItem Details

    124181 - Kids Cafe

    Join us at the Kids Cafe and become the next great chef in your house. Mrs. Laura takes you step by step in preparing nutritious, delicious, but most importantly, fun recipes. In February, the focus is Chocolate Treats and learning how to cook with chocolate. In March, we celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a focus on Eating the Rainbow. Participants in this session learn how to incorporate a rainbow variety of fruits and vegetables in their cooking. If your child has allergies, please contact Jen Vosters at 614.410.4573 before registering for this program. Registration closes five (5) days before the program to purchase necessary supplies.

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    Add to CartWaitlist124181-02Kids Cafe03/11/17- 03/11/1710:00 AM- 12:00 PMSaDCRC$25/$358 years to under 13 yearsItem Details

    128350 - In The Kitchen

    Learn basic cooking techniques, kitchen etiquette, and proper social skills in and out of the kitchen. Each participant will individually or in a small group complete a food item. They will enjoy this treat while socializing with peers.

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    Add to CartAvailable128350-03In the Kitchen03/08/17- 03/08/17 4:00 PM- 6:00 PMWDCRC$2516 years to 30 yearsItem Details

    133100 - Guitar Lessons

    Learn acoustic guitar from Derek Mortland, whose 30+ years of experience includes national and international music festivals and artist residencies with the Ohio Arts Council and VSA Ohio. Learn chord structures, basic scales, and the building blocks of music. Play songs of today and classic rock of yesterday. Bring your own guitar or use one of ours. For information call Derek at 614.296.8327 or Scott Hanks at 614.410.4557

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    Add to CartWaitlist133100-02Guitar Lessons04/06/17- 05/25/17 5:00 PM- 6:00 PMThDCRC$120/$1328 years to under 13 yearsItem Details

    133101 - Guitar Lessons

    Learn acoustic guitar from Derek Mortland, whose 30+ years of experience includes national and international music festivals and artist residencies with the Ohio Arts Council and VSA Ohio. This class teaches chord structures, basic scales, and the building blocks of music. Play songs of today and classic rock of yesterday. Bring your own guitar or use one of ours. For information call Derek at 614.296.8327 or Scott Hanks at 614.410.4557

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    Add to CartWaitlist133101-02Guitar Lessons04/06/17- 05/25/17 6:00 PM- 7:00 PMThDCRC$120/$1327 years 6 months to under 16 yearsItem Details

    133102 - Guitar Lessons

    Learn acoustic guitar from Derek Mortland, whose 30+ years of experience includes national and international music festivals and artist residencies with the Ohio Arts Council and VSA Ohio. This class teaches chord structures, basic scales, and the building blocks of music. Play songs of today and classic rock of yesterday. Bring your own guitar or use one of ours. For information call Derek at 614.296.8327 or Scott Hanks at 614.410.4557.

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    Add to CartAvailable133102-02Guitar Lessons04/06/17- 05/25/17 7:00 PM- 8:00 PMThDCRC$112/$12415 years and UpItem Details

    133150 - Piano Lessons

    Learn to play the piano. The instructor works with you at your own pace within a group setting. Build a strong foundation for further piano study while developing a life-long enjoyment of music. This class emphasizes methods to enhance sight-reading, enabling you to play pieces quickly. For information call Scott Hanks at 614.410.4557.

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    Add to CartWaitlist133150-05Piano Lessons04/03/17- 05/22/17 5:30 PM- 6:30 PMMDCRC$120/$1326 years and UpItem Details
    Add to CartWaitlist133150-06Piano Lessons04/03/17- 05/22/17 6:30 PM- 7:30 PMMDCRC$120/$1328 years and UpItem Details

    133160 - Tabla Percussion

    In this course, students will learn how to play table (North Indian Drum). The class meets once a week. Starting from basic sound techniques, a few compositions will be taught within the duration of the course. Students will also be taught the rhythmic patterns unique to Indian music. Drums will be provided for the students to learn and practice.

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    Add to CartAvailable133160-04Tabla Percussion04/04/17- 05/23/17 4:30 PM- 5:30 PMTuDCRC$120/$1326 years and UpItem Details
    Add to CartAvailable133160-06Tabla Percussion04/04/17- 05/23/17 6:30 PM- 7:30 PMTuDCRC$120/$1326 years and UpItem Details

    134200 - ACT Inventory Workshop

    This is an excellent course for students who are looking for a thorough introduction to the ACT. Students learn the latest proven strategies as they work with practice tests created by ACT, as well as rigorous practice exercises created by Brian Stewart. With twelve hours of instruction, students can be assured that their individual concerns on everything from test anxiety to time management are thoroughly addressed. The class reviews and builds upon what is covered in the Turbo Workshop, but can stand alone as well. The class fee includes all in-class and homework materials.

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    Read NoticeCancelled134200-02ACT Introductory Wor03/27/17- 04/05/17 6:00 PM- 9:00 PMM, WDCRC$315/$34712 years to under 20 yearsItem Details

    134253 - ACT Turbo Workshop

    The ACT Turbo Workshop provides college-bound students with a comprehensive overview of strategies for all parts of the ACT. This is an ideal option for students with little time to prepare prior to the test. The Turbo Workshops are each scheduled shortly before an ACT. Students work with the latest materials, all of which are provided. Each workshop is uniquely tailored to meet the learning needs of all students.

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    Add to CartAvailable134253-02ACT Turbo Workshop04/01/17- 04/01/17 1:00 PM- 5:00 PMSaDCRC$99/$10912 years to 19 yearsItem Details

    134300 - American Red Cross Babysitting

    Learn to safely care for young children. Topics include characteristics of children, selecting appropriate games and toys, diapering, feeding and proper babysitting procedures. Information on accident prevention and emergency action is also provided. Class fee includes a babysitter's handbook and American Red Cross certification. Bring a lunch and drink for this all-day program.

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    Add to CartAvailable134300-03American Red Cross B03/11/17- 03/11/17 9:00 AM- 3:30 PMSaDCRC$55/$6511 years to 16 yearsItem Details
    Add to CartAvailable134300-04American Red Cross B04/22/17- 04/22/17 9:00 AM- 3:30 PMSaDCRC$55/$6511 years to 16 yearsItem Details
    Add to CartAvailable134300-05American Red Cross B05/20/17- 05/20/17 9:00 AM- 3:30 PMSaDCRC$55/$6511 years to 16 yearsItem Details

    138299 - Adaptive Extras

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    Read NoticeFull138299-03Adqaptive Extras01/05/17- 01/05/17 4:00 PM- 6:00 PMThDCRC$319 years to 30 yearsItem Details

    138300 - Fantastic Friday

    Learn life skills through theme-oriented activities, which include dinner preparation, interactive games, arts and crafts, and socialization with friends. We have a low staff-to-participant ratio. New participants need to have an inquiry of needs before scheduled class.

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    Add to CartWaitlist138300-05Fantastic Friday03/10/17- 03/10/17 5:30 PM- 8:30 PMFDCRC$20/$3016 years to 30 yearsItem Details

    142102 - Morning Pottery Open Studio

    For both new and experienced ceramics students of all skill levels. New students will begin with the basics of clay hand building techniques such as pinch pots, slab rolling and coils. Textures, color, shape and differing styles are introduced as well as glazing and finishing techniques. Time permitting we work on the basics of throwing on the potter's wheel. Experienced students can continue to refine their skills and work on ceramic projects of their own choice. The studio will be open for independent ceramic projects; instructional aid is available for individualized assistance, project ideas and technical expertise. Students can practice wheel throwing, hand building and have access to high-fire and low-fire glaze applications. All supplies are included in the fee, including firings done by the on-site instructor.

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    Read NoticeCancelled142102-02Morning Pottery Open02/22/17- 04/12/17 9:00 AM- 11:00 AMWDCRC$119/$13118 years and UpItem Details

    142104 - Ceramics- Hand Building

    Learn to create beautifully decorated clay vessels through the basics of ceramic handbuilding! We will learn to create our own clay works through stamping, slipping and slab construction. Using air dry clay this is an easy project that anyone can pick-up and continue to create inspring clay vases.

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    Add to CartAvailable142104-03Ceramics- Hand Build03/15/17- 03/15/17 3:00 PM- 5:00 PMWAvondale$25/$3518 years and UpItem Details

    142108 - Ohio Hangers

    Make one-of-a-kind OHIO Hangers. No experience needed for this beginner friendly class. Each participant will make an Ohio Hanger using wood, leather, cording, and beads. We'll also explore a few acryllic painting techniques as well as a bit of photo transferring during this project. Materials included in price of the class.

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    Add to CartAvailable142108-01Ohio Hangers03/08/17- 03/08/17 6:00 PM- 8:00 PMWDCRC$45/$5518 years and UpItem Details

    142112 - Photography Basics Workshop

    Photography Basics Workshop: In Photography Basics Workshop you’ll learn about all the gear you need, the camera settings (shutter speed, aperture, ISO) you’ll want to use, and all kinds of shooting tips and techniques to help you take great photos. Students will also go on a 2 hour instructor lead field shoot to learn to use the techniques discussed in class. Participants should bring their camera to class. Session one (Thursday) is an in-classroom session. Session two (Saturday) is a field session.

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    Add to CartAvailable142112-01Photography Basics W03/16/17- 03/18/17VariesVariesVaries$49/$5918 years and UpItem Details

    142141 - Color Your Way to Calm

    Coloring can be a form of escapism where one can shed stress and worries of the day and just focus on simple, creative task. Adult coloring can be just the outlet we need to unplug and reset our brains from work, social media and electronic entertainment.

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    Add to CartAvailable142141-03Color Your Way to Ca03/02/17- 03/02/1710:00 AM- 11:00 AMThAvondale$8/$1818 years and UpItem Details

    142156 - The Art of Knitting

    Learn the skills needed to make beautiful hand-knit items and current fashion trends such as scarves and fingerless gloves. Practice the basics such as casting on and off and the knit and purl stitches. We then move to more advanced skills such as knitting in the round, yarn overs and increasing and decreasing. We also discuss fundamentals such as determining gauge and reading a pattern. Fun take-home projects throughout the course allow you to continue practicing and showcase your new skills. An $8 supply fee is due to the instructor at the first class, which provides knitting needles and yarn to get started. Additional supplies are purchased by the participant based on individual projects.

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    Add to CartAvailable142156-01The Art of Knitting01/23/17- 03/13/17 7:00 PM- 8:30 PMMDCRC$52/$6218 years and UpItem Details

    144102 - Active Shooter Training

    Learn the same principles that have been taught to our schools and local businesses

    This highly sought after training is conducted by your Dublin Police Department and involves an interactive presentation that will allow you to practice your responses in various scenarios.

    The principles taught can be utilized in any setting. While it is unlikely that this will happen to you, realize that the more prepared we are, the safer our community will be.

    Due to the subject matter, including graphic scenes and adult language within the videos, the presentation is best suited for adults. Minimum age to attend this training is 13. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. A liability waiver is provided and must be signed to attend this training.

    *IMPORTANT NOTICE: NO WEAPONS (Guns, Knives, OC Spray, Electric Devices, etc.) are allowed at this training.

    Photo ID is required for this class, please be sure to bring your photo ID to class.

    If under 18 years of age, you are required to register with a parent/guardian in order to take this class.

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    Add to CartAvailable144102-03Active Shooter Train03/14/17- 03/14/17 6:00 PM- 8:30 PMTuJerome High School$513 years and UpItem Details

    144125 - The Beauty of Repurposing

    We will meet at the intersection of nature and human material creation. We will discover some of the amazing re-purposed creations out in the world, go beyond re-using and recycling to give new life to old items! Now inspired, we will create our own repurposed piece of art.

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    Add to CartAvailable144125-01The Beauty of Repurp03/21/17- 03/21/17 1:00 PM- 2:00 PMTuAvondale$5/$1518 years and UpItem Details

    144126 - Celebrate Pets

    Have a pet? Love a Pet? Thinking about adding a pet to your household/family? Join us for the class/classes of pets that interest you! We'll learn about the wild ancestors of our pets, how our animals became domesticated and the keys to understanding how to live peacefully with them in our home. 1/12/2017: Herding Cats, 2/16/2017: Pocket Pets (hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc.), 3/16/2017: Discovering Dogs, 4/6/2017: Herps in the House (iguanas, snakes, toads, etc.), 5/11/2017: Happy Hoofstock (horses, goats, pot-belly pigs, etc.)

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    Add to CartAvailable144126-03Celebrate Pets03/16/17- 03/16/17 6:30 PM- 7:30 PMThArt Stable$5/$1518 years and UpItem Details

    144127 - Midnight Sky Hikes

    Come visit one of your beautiful parks at dusk to explore the mysteries of our parks after dark! Owls will be active and vocal and the earth will be going through changes in preparation for spring and we can view the changing night sky. On warm nights, bats will emerge and give us a flight show and frogs will begin their spring choruses!

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    Read NoticeCancelled144127-01Midnight Sky Hikes02/22/17- 04/19/17VariesVariesVaries$15/$2518 years and UpItem Details

    144131 - Basic Home Landscaping with th

    Join Dublin Horticulture as we explore the world of home landscaping. We know that it’s greener in Dublin, but with the proper plant selection, design, and maintenance, your landscape can become a sea of color year round.

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    Add to CartAvailable144131-01Basic Home Landscapi02/15/17- 03/01/17 6:00 PM- 7:00 PMWKaltenbach Park$25/$3518 years and UpItem Details

    144132 - Game Day

    Are you a game lover? Love a friendly board or card game in a fun environment? We'll provide the game, you bring the fun and friendly competition!

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    Add to CartAvailable144132-03Game Day03/21/17- 03/21/17 2:00 PM- 3:00 PMTuAvondale$5/$1518 years and UpItem Details

    144240 - Focus Fitness

    Personal Brain Trainers from LearningRx will help push your mind with brain exercises that will break a mental sweat. You will take part in exercises that will work your processing speed, memory and focus. Join us for these fun sessions to explore the minds abilities.

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    Add to CartAvailable144240-02Focus Fitness03/07/17- 03/07/17 6:00 PM- 7:00 PMTuDCRC$19/$2918 years and UpItem Details

    145215 - iPhone-Not Just a Phone

    The iPhone class was designed with beginners in mind. Whether you’re wanting the basics or a little bit more, the iPhone class will have something for everyone. We’ll discuss the basics as well as the more popular built in apps like the Phone app, Contacts, App Store, Mail, Messages, Safari, Camera, Maps, FaceTime, Calendar, and Siri. The class will be informative, hands on, and we’ll have plenty of time for questions.

    Session 1 will focus on basics like the physical features of the iPhone, the Phone app (including Contacts), We will also cover some basic vocabulary and terms that will help us understand how the iPhone operates. Please come to this class with your Apple ID and password.

    Session 2 will focus on using the next two most important apps; the Camera and the App Store. The App Store app helps us discover more apps for the phone, while the camera allows us to shoot some creative photos and videos.

    Session 3 will focus on communication, so we’ll discuss the Mail app for sending and receiving email. We’ll also look at the Messages app, which is used for sending and receiving text messages.

    Session 4 will look at Safari, the iPhone’s built in web browser used for visiting websites. We’ll explore the Maps app as well, learning how to use the GPS for driving instructions.

    Session 5 Our final session will cover the Calendars app for creating appointments, FaceTime for making free videoconferencing calls, and Siri, your voice interactive digital assistant!

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    Read NoticeCancelled145215-01iPhone-Not Just a Ph02/05/17- 03/05/17 1:00 PM- 3:00 PMSuDCRC$59/$6918 years and UpItem Details

    152141 - Repurpose Projects NEW

    Create a piece of artwork using a variety of recyclables and reusable material. Barbara discusses basic refuse reuse and recycling and shares many of the repurposed creations from around the world, including a Japanese office building with a kitchen sink façade and a dress made from plastic water bottles.

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    Add to CartAvailable152141-01Repurpose Projects03/15/17- 03/15/17 1:00 PM- 1:00 PMWDCRC$1055 years and UpItem Details

    154110 - Chef's Best

    Meet one of the senior community's finest chefs and learn his secrets to preparing favorite specialties. Watch as Chef Todd teaches you to become a gourmet cook in your own kitchen to amaze your family and friends. Sampling follows each demonstration. Limit: 12. You must be a member of the Dublin Community Senior Citizens.

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    Add to CartAvailable154110-02Chef's Best03/20/17- 03/20/1712:00 PM- 1:00 PMMDCRC$5/$1055 years and UpItem Details

    155105 - iPad 101

    These lessons are designed for beginners and will cover the very basics from what that round button at the bottom of the iPad does to how you can move or delete an app. Through a four week session, Chris will explain basic functions of your iPad, as well as more advanced apps and tools that come in handy during every day use. This class aims to make you more comfortable with the technology while optimizing your efficiency. Students must provide their own iPad.

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    Add to CartWaitlist155105-01iPad 10103/02/17- 03/23/17 1:00 PM- 2:00 PMThDCRC$10/$2055 years and UpItem Details

    156190 - Falun Dafa

    Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) is an ancient meditation practice consisting of five sets of easy-to-learn gentle movements and meditation. It is a high-level cultivation practice which is guided by the characteristics of the universe - truthfulness, benevolence and forbearance. While the exercises have deep inner meanings, they also help to reduce stress and can bring great improvements in health and fitness.

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    Add to CartAvailable156190-01Falun Dafa01/07/17- 03/25/17 9:00 AM- 11:00 AMSaDCRC$018 years and UpItem Details

    156210 - Beginning Tai Chi

    The beginners Taoist Tai Chi class includes instruction in the 108 movements of the Taoist Tai Chi set. Each class builds on the one before with review and time for questions. The class progresses at a moderate pace in order to finish learning the sequence of movements in 13 weeks. It is not expected that participants have memorized all the movements prior to the end of class. The objective is to allow the students to follow the instructor through the entire sequence getting the benefits of the movements.

          Cart Icon      StatusActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFeesAges      Single Icon      Share
    Read NoticeFull156210-01Beginning Tai Chi01/04/17- 03/29/17 7:00 PM- 8:30 PMWDCRC$122/$13240 years and UpItem Details
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