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    442040 - Trivia

    Do you love a challenge? Do you consider yourself a whiz at Jeopardy or just enjoy playing along at home with Alex Trebek? Well you’re in luck, the Dublin Recreation Center is hosting our very own trivia game show. Come solo or bring a team. We’ll have a potpourri of trivia questions, from pop culture to history, there’s sure to be a topic for everyone. We’ll provide the trivia questions and fun, you provide your knowledge. We can’t wait to see you there! Small prizes will be awarded for the top two teams/participants.

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    Add to CartAvailable442040-01Trivia10/11/16- 10/11/16 1:00 PM- 2:30 PMTuDCRC$518 years and UpItem Details
    Add to CartAvailable442040-02Trivia11/02/16- 11/02/16 7:00 PM- 8:30 PMWDCRC$518 years and UpItem Details

    442041 - Customer Appreciation Trivia

    It's customer appreciation month at the DCRC! What better way to appreciate our customers than to have a good old fashion City of Dublin Trivia night. Chick-Fil-A of Dublin will be providing light refreshments for attendees. If you know everything there is to know about the City of Dublin, then this trivia game is for you! Come alone or bring a team, it's sure to be fun for everyone! Prizes will be awarded to the top two teams/individuals. Admission is free to this event, but please be sure to register.

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    Add to CartAvailable442041-02Customer Appreciatio09/29/16- 09/29/16 1:00 PM- 2:00 PMThDCRC$018 years and UpItem Details

    442046 - Woof Walk

    Join Barbara Ray as she provides an intro to walking with dogs, observing nature and observing our canines as they explore nature at Red Trabue Park. This walk will provide exploration and exercise for you and your k-9 friend. Dogs must be on a leash.

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    Add to CartAvailable442046-01Woof Walk10/18/16- 10/18/16 5:30 PM- 6:30 PMTuRed Trabue$5/$1518 years and UpItem Details

    442047 - Heritage Tree Hike

    We’ll travel to three Dublin parks (Kosciuszko, Indian Run Falls, Wedgewood) and spend a bit of time in each park to find and learn about the 150+ year old trees, the Wyandot history behind them and the significance of these trees to Dublin! This class will meet at the flagpole outside of the Dublin Community Recreation Center.

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    Add to CartAvailable442047-01Heritage Tree Hike10/25/16- 10/25/16 5:30 PM- 7:00 PMTuDCRC$5/$1518 years and UpItem Details

    442101 - Pottery Open Studio

    For both new and experienced ceramics students of all skill levels. New students will begin with the basics of clay hand building techniques such as pinch pots, slab rolling and coils. Textures, color, shape and differing styles are introduced as well as glazing and finishing techniques. Time permitting we work on the basics of throwing on the potter's wheel. Experienced students can continue to refine their skills and work on ceramic projects of their own choice. The studio will be open for independent ceramic projects; instructional aid is available for individualized assistance, project ideas and technical expertise. Students can practice wheel throwing, hand building and have access to high-fire and low-fire glaze applications. All supplies are included in the fee, including firings done by the on-site instructor.

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    Add to CartWaitlist442101-01Pottery Open Studio09/08/16- 10/27/16 6:30 PM- 8:30 PMThDCRC$119/$13118 years and UpItem Details
    Add to CartAvailable442101-02Pottery Open Studio11/03/16- 12/22/16 6:30 PM- 8:30 PMThDCRC$119/$13118 years and UpItem Details

    442103 - Upcycling Wine Bottles

    NEW! Want to repurpose an old wine bottle into something new? In this class participants will have the opportunity to recycle old wine bottles using ideas off of Pinterest. We will create original designs to create a glass etched soap dispenser/hanging bird feeders.

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    Add to CartAvailable442103-01Upcycling Wine Bottl10/14/16- 10/14/16 6:00 PM- 7:30 PMFDCRC$29/$3918 years and UpItem Details

    442107 - Zentangle® Basics

    NEW This course will provide beginners with a background in the history of Zentangle, introduce them to the basic steps of the method, and expose them to associated vocabulary and tools used. Students will be immersed in creating actual Zentangle tiles and will leave with a clear understanding that, Anything is possible one stroke at a time. This course is required if you wish to take Zentangle Beyond the Basics. A $10 supply fee is due to the instructor at the first class (supply fee is for your Zentangle® starter kit).

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    Add to CartAvailable442107-01 Zentangle® Basics09/29/16- 10/13/16 6:00 PM- 8:00 PMThDCRC$49/$5918 years and UpItem Details
    Add to CartAvailable442107-02 Zentangle® Basics10/03/16- 10/17/16 1:00 PM- 3:00 PMMDCRC$49/$5918 years and UpItem Details

    442108 - Zentangle® Beyond the Basics

    This course will concentrate on learning more intricate patterns using the Zentangle® method while increasing your focus and relaxation. We will create patterns on paper tiles and explore other media on which we can tangle for fall and holiday décor. Zentangle® Basics is a prerequisite for this class. Bring your basic Zentangle® kit. Please be sure to bring your Zentangle® kit to class.

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    Add to CartAvailable442108-01Zentangle® Beyond th10/27/16- 11/10/16 6:00 PM- 8:00 PMThDCRC$49/$5918 years and UpItem Details
    Add to CartAvailable442108-02Zentangle® Beyond th10/24/16- 11/07/16 1:00 PM- 3:00 PMMDCRC$49/$5918 years and UpItem Details

    442111 - Composition for Landscape Phot

    NEW Composition for Landscape Photography: A photographic composition is an arrangement of visual elements and is the product of a photographer’s vision and skill in seeing, identifying, arranging, and framing the finished image. This class will start students on their journey toward learning to see photographically covering the basics of landscape composition, including the “Rule of Thirds, breaking those rules, use of leading lines, framing, use of lines, curves and patterns, and perspective. Participants should bring their camera to class.

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    Add to CartAvailable442111-01Composition for Land10/27/16- 10/27/16 6:30 PM- 8:30 PMThDCRC$29/$3918 years and UpItem Details

    442112 - Photography Basics Workshop

    NEW Photography Basics Workshop: In Photography Basics Workshop you’ll learn about all the gear you need, the camera settings (shutter speed, aperture, ISO) you’ll want to use, and all kinds of shooting tips and techniques to help you take great photos. Students will also go on a 2 hour instructor lead field shoot to learn to use the techniques discussed in class. Participants should bring their camera to class. Section .01 class meets on 9/15 (classroom session), 6:30 - 8:30 pm, and 9/17: 1- 3 pm (field experience session). Section .02 meets on 10/13 (classroom session), 6:30 - 8:30 pm and 10/15 (field experience session).

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    Add to CartAvailable442112-02Photography Basics W10/13/16- 10/15/16VariesVariesVaries$49/$5918 years and UpItem Details

    442113 - Photography Basics

    NEW! Learn about all the gear you need, the camera settings (shutter speed, aperture, ISO) you’ll want to use, and all kinds of shooting tips and techniques to help you take great photos. Participants should bring their camera to class.

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    Add to CartAvailable442113-02Photography Basics11/04/16- 11/04/16 6:30 PM- 8:30 PMFDCRC$29/$3918 years and UpItem Details

    442156 - The Art of Knitting

    Learn the skills needed to make beautiful hand knit items and current fashion trends such as scarves and hats. Learn the basics such as casting on and off, the knit and purl stitches and understanding patterns. We then move on to more advanced skills such as knitting in the round, and increasing and decreasing. We also discuss fundamentals such as determining guage and reading a pattern. Fun take home projects throughout allow you to continue practicing and showcase your new skills. An $8 supply fee is due to the instructor at the first class. Additional supplies are purchased based on individual projects.

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    Add to CartAvailable442156-01Art of Knitting-Beg10/10/16- 11/14/16 7:00 PM- 8:30 PMMDCRC$52/$6218 years and UpItem Details

    442163 - Stained Glass

    Create your own stained glass projects. Learn to cut glass, use copper foil, and perform finishing techniques. Participants work with window glass and stained glass. A $10 supply fee is due to the instructor at the first class.

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    Add to CartAvailable442163-01Stained Glass10/06/16- 11/17/16 7:00 PM- 9:00 PMThDCRC$109/$12018 years and UpItem Details

    442187 - Home Staging for the Homeowner

    NEW Home Staging for the Homeowner: Learn what home staging is and why it is the essential element to getting your house sold quickly and for top dollar; even in a “hot” real estate market. Central Ohio’s award winning home stager will teach you ten staging tips and techniques to get your house ready to sell on your own. As well as provide guidance on when you should bring in a professional.

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    Add to CartAvailable442187-02Home Staging for the11/05/16- 11/05/1610:00 AM- 11:30 AMSaDCRC$19/$2918 years and UpItem Details

    442201 - Intro to Podcasting

    Podcasting is a great way to celebrate your interests and engage with thought leaders in your field. Whether for hobbies or business, this exciting medium can help you connect with your community like never before. This course teaches students the mechanical and creative aspects of creating a podcast through hands on learning.

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    Add to CartAvailable442201-01Intro to Podcasting10/09/16- 10/23/1612:00 PM- 1:30 PMSuDCRC$35/$4518 years and UpItem Details

    444123 - Pumpkins for All

    NEW Carve a pumpkin, make a warm pumpkin spice brew and pumpkin pie in this seasonal class geared toward the whole family. Jeannie Seabrook from Glass Rooster Cannery will lead this fun workshop to get into the harvest season. Adults will help their children carve a pumpkin, and together we will learn to make pie and a tasty drink from the meat of the pumpkin. Then we will toast the seeds and eat our delicious creations together. Price is for one parent and one child (over the age of 10). Children must be accompanied by a parent to participate in this class.

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    Add to CartAvailable444123-01Pumpkins for All10/09/16- 10/09/16 1:00 PM- 4:00 PMSuDCRC$49/$5918 years and UpItem Details

    444125 - Perfect Pies

    NEW Learn how easy pies can be! Make your own fresh pie filling and the perfect crust just in time for the holidays. Join Glass Rooster Cannery staff to make several seasonal fillings, a lattice top and a crumb topping for delicious and beautiful desserts. Taste your way through to discover your favorite!

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    Add to CartAvailable444125-01Perfect Pies11/13/16- 11/13/16 1:00 PM- 4:00 PMSuDCRC$35/$4518 years and UpItem Details

    444131 - Basic Home Landscaping

    Join Dublin Horticulture as we explore the world of home landscaping. We know that it’s greener in Dublin, but with the proper plant selection, design, and maintenance, your landscape can become a sea of color year round.

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    Read NoticeCancelled444131-01Basic Home Landscapi09/21/16- 10/05/16 6:00 PM- 8:00 PMWKaltenbach Park$25/$3518 years and UpItem Details

    444231 - Beginning Japanese I

    Gain a basic knowledge and skills to speak, read, and comprehend the Japanese language. Learn pronunciation, read hiragana greetings, numbers, basic grammar, vocabulary and conversation in this ten week class.

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    Add to CartAvailable444231-01Beginning Japanese I10/04/16- 12/06/16 7:30 PM- 8:50 PMTuDCRC$120/$13218 years and UpItem Details

    444232 - Beginning Japanese II

    Learn additional hiragana (part 2), phrases for telephone conversations, telling the time, verb conjugation (masu-form), reading numbers (101 through 9,999), particles such as "o", "ga", "ne", and include a basic vocabulary of approximately 200 words. Students’ pronunciation is monitored as well as the utilization of learned grammatical content. Skills for the week’s learning objectives are practiced with the goal of increasing fluency in Japanese. Homework is given each week to improve skills. Prerequisite for this class is Beginning Japanese I.

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    Add to CartAvailable444232-01Beginning Japanese 210/04/16- 12/06/16 6:00 PM- 7:20 PMTuDCRC$120/$13218 years and UpItem Details

    444241 - Brain Booster w/ LearningRx

    Brain Boosters with LearningRx (4session): Brain training puts clients with personal brain trainers for intense mental exercises that work on the skills the brain uses to think and learn. Brain Booster is perfect for adults who value an active, healthy brain. A Brain Trainer will meet with you in a small group and take you through an invigorating hour of mental exercise your brain will love. This class meets four times.

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    Add to CartAvailable444241-01Brain Booster w/ Lea09/28/16- 10/19/16VariesVariesVaries$79/$8918 years and UpItem Details
    Add to CartAvailable444241-02Brain Booster w/ Lea11/07/16- 12/05/16 6:00 PM- 7:00 PMMDCRC$79/$8918 years and UpItem Details

    444242 - Lunch and Learn w/ Learning Rx

    Do you love to learn? Are you lifelong learner? Join us for the lunch time to discover what cognitive skills are, how they can affect how we learn and think, and how you can train the brain. Be ready to participate in intense mental exercises... an exciting way to spend your lunch hour, training your brain in a fun way. Please be sure to bring your own lunch.

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    Add to CartAvailable444242-01Lunch and Learn w/ L10/05/16- 10/05/1612:00 PM- 1:00 PMWDCRC$5/$1518 years and UpItem Details
    Add to CartAvailable444242-02Lunch and Learn w/ L11/02/16- 11/02/1612:00 PM- 1:00 PMWDCRC$5/$1518 years and UpItem Details

    444345 - Italian Cooking With Aisha

    NEW Aisha is here to share her passion for cooking with you. She'll give participants the opportunity to cook a three course Italian meal, complete with an appetizer, entree and dessert. We'll begin by making fresh bruschetta for the appetizer, for an entree we'll make fresh homemade pasta and fresh pesto. For dessert, we'll create scrumptious and zesty lemon cookies. Bring your appetite!

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    Add to CartAvailable444345-01Italian Cooking With11/03/16- 11/03/16 6:00 PM- 8:00 PMThDCRC$25/$3518 years and UpItem Details

    446202 - Hawaiian Hula Dance

    Hawaiian Hula Dance- Let's move to the music! Looking for a way to bring a tropical vibe to your life? In our Hawaiian Hula Dance you'll learn about the Hawaiian culture, exercise and refresh with slow tropical music in our one hour dance class. The instructor will provide hula skirts for participants to use during class. This is a low-impact dance class. Beginners are welcome, no experience necessary!

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    Add to CartAvailable446202-02Hawaiian Hula Dance10/27/16- 12/15/1612:00 PM- 1:00 PMThDCRC$54/$6418 years and UpItem Details

    446204 - Afternoon Beginning Ballroom

    Beginner’s learn the basics of Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Cha Cha, Rumba, and Swing. Whether you are looking for a new, fun hobby, to meet new people, or to brush up on your dance skills, you’ll gain a better understanding of ballroom dance. This price is per participant.

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    Add to CartAvailable446204-02Afternoon Beginning10/27/16- 12/08/16 3:00 PM- 4:00 PMThKaltenbach Park$59/$6918 years and UpItem Details

    446208 - Beginning Ballroom

    Beginner’s learn the basics of Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Cha Cha, Rumba, and Swing. Whether you are looking for a new, fun hobby, to meet new people, or to brush up on your dance skills, you’ll gain a better understanding of ballroom dance. The class covers basic steps and technique as well as social dance etiquette. $99/$109 per couple or $59/$69 for singles (if registering as a single, please contact contact the front desk to register: 614.410.4550.

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    Add to CartAvailable446208-02Beginning Ballroom10/27/16- 12/08/16 6:30 PM- 7:30 PMThKaltenbach Park$99/$10918 years and UpItem Details

    446209 - Intermediate Ballroom

    The Intermediate Ballroom and Technique class will cover the swing, foxtrot, and rumba in greater detail. Participants should be familiar with the basics of these three social dances or should have taken one Beginner's Ballroom at Dublin Recreation Center. The class will focus on learning more steps, as well as how to lead and follow them with a variety of partners. Other technique will include an introduction to Cuban Motion and Footwork. Singles and couples are welcome. $139/$153 per couple or $99/$109 for singles (if you are registering as a single, please contact the front desk: 614.410.4550).

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    Add to CartAvailable446209-02Intermediate Ballroo10/27/16- 12/08/16 7:45 PM- 8:45 PMThKaltenbach Park$139/$15318 years and UpItem Details
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