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    246201 - Spring/Summer Divot League

    The popular Divot Golf League is back for 2016! We are looking for new golfers who want to join this comprehensive golf instruction and league for 12 weeks of fun. No matter your skill level this program will improve your game, give you access for up to 9 holes of golf with cart and provide you with half an hour of professional instruction with range balls and solutions to your game. The flat fee of $149 give you $65 of weekly instruction and golf for less than $13 a week, come join the fun and join us for this Spring/Summer of golf, friends and fun!

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    Add to CartWaitlist246201-01Spring/Summer Divot05/11/16- 07/27/16 6:30P- 9:00PWSafari Golf Club$14918 years and UpItem Details

    342106 - Introduction to Zentangle

    What is Zentangle? The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. In our introductory class, you’ll learn the basics of the Zentangle Method of art where almost anyone can create beautiful images with no prior experience, while learning to focus and relax. Check out this introductory class at SPECIAL pricing, which includes your Zentangle kit. We won’t be offering this price in the fall, so be sure to take advantage of this great deal this summer!

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    Add to CartAvailable342106-01Introduction to Zent07/13/16- 07/13/16 6:00P- 8:00PWDCRC$15/$2518 years and UpItem Details
    Add to CartAvailable342106-02Introduction to Zent07/18/16- 07/18/16 1:00P- 3:00PMDCRC$15/$2518 years and UpItem Details

    342141 - Color Your Way to Calm

    Coloring can be a form of escapism where one can shed stress and worries of the day and just focus on a simple, creative task. Adult coloring can be just the outlet we need to unplug and reset our brains from work, social media and electronic entertainment. Coloring can be a creative outlet or attractive hobby for anyone looking to socialize or take the time to do something a little different. Coloring projects maybe submitted for a prize. Details to be explained at the evening of the event.

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    Add to CartAvailable342141-01Color Your Way to Ca08/12/16- 08/12/16 7:30P- 9:00PFDCRC$8/$1318 years and UpItem Details

    342147 - Pinterest Creations

    Pintrest is full of great DIY projects, and recipes. In this class, we will try to replicate some of those great ideas! The project ideas will include DIY gifts and ideas for decorating the home. This class will include: Customizable Wreaths

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    Add to CartAvailable342147-01Pinterest Creations08/17/16- 08/17/16 7:00P- 8:00PWDCRC$12/$17Birth and UpItem Details

    342160 - Community Open Studio

    Get your creativity flowing in this relaxed and fun studio for all people. Whether you are an experienced artist, a crafter, or never made art in your life this is your opportunity to hang out, think, experiment, and make. We will provide supplies and inspiration (and maybe a little instruction if you need it) but what you do is up to you! Inspired by Columbus Museum of Art’s new program “Studio Happy Hour” we are providing a no-pressure environment for adults with the creative urge to get out of their routine, stretch their creative muscles, and explore creative pursuits. Supplies will be provided, but you are welcome to bring favorite supplies or tools from home.

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    Add to CartAvailable342160-03"Studio Happy Hour"08/20/16- 08/20/1610:00A- 12:00PSaDCRC$12/$17Birth and UpItem Details

    342201 - Intro to Podcasting

    Podcasting is a great way to celebrate your interests and engage with thought leaders in your field. Whether for hobbies or business, this exciting medium can help you connect with your community like never before. This course teaches students the mechanical and creative aspects of creating a podcast through hands on learning.

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    Add to CartAvailable342201-02Intro to Podcasting07/24/16- 08/14/1612:00P- 1:30PSuDCRC$35/$4518 years and UpItem Details

    343101 - Intro to Freelancing

    There has never been a better time than now to start your own business and work for yourself. But how does that work? This class gives students an overview of all the aspects they will need to consider when leaving a job and starting their own business as a freelancer or consultant.

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    Add to CartAvailable343101-02Intro to Freelancing07/13/16- 07/27/16 7:00P- 8:30PWDCRC$35/$4518 years and UpItem Details

    344192 - Bats on the Boardwalk

    We’ll hike in Red Trabue and echo-locate bats using special adaptive equipment that translates the bats’ ultrasound frequencies into sounds we can hear! We’ll watch the bats hunt and see mother bats flying with their baby bats as the youngsters learn the ropes of bug catching.

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    Add to CartAvailable344192-01Bats on the Boardwal07/14/16- 07/14/16 7:30P- 8:30PThRed Trabue$5/$1018 years and UpItem Details

    344230 - Japanese Language I for Teens

    Learn pronunciation, reading hiragana, greetings, numbers, self-introduction, time related expressions, basic grammar and conversation, and include vocabulary of approximately 150 words. Students’ pronunciation will be monitored as well as the utilization of learned grammatical content. Skills for the week’s learning objectives will be practiced with the goal of increasing fluency in Japanese. Each week, homework will be given to improve skills. In addition to language skills, in this course students will be introduced to and take part in aspects of Japanese culture.

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    Add to CartAvailable344230-01Japanese Language I07/19/16- 09/20/16 4:30P- 5:40PTuDCRC$120/$13214 years to 17 yearsItem Details

    344231 - Beginning Japanese I

    Gain a basic knowledge and skills to speak, read, and comprehend the Japanese language. Learn pronunciation, read hiragana greetings, numbers, basic grammar, vocabulary and conversation in this eight week class.

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    Add to CartAvailable344231-01Beginning Japanese I07/19/16- 09/20/16 6:00P- 7:20PTuDCRC$120/$13218 years and UpItem Details

    344232 - Beginning Japanese 2

    Learn additional hiragana (part 2), phrases for telephone conversations, telling the time, verb conjugation (masu-form), reading numbers (101 through 9,999), particles such as "o", "ga", "ne", and include a basic vocabulary of approximately 200 words. Students’ pronunciation is monitored as well as the utilization of learned grammatical content. Skills for the week’s learning objectives are practiced with the goal of increasing fluency in Japanese. Homework is given each week to improve skills. Prerequisite for this class is Beginning Japanese I.

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    Add to CartAvailable344232-01Beginning Japanese 207/19/16- 09/20/16 7:30P- 8:50PTuDCRC$120/$13218 years and UpItem Details

    346009 - Paddle in the City

    Paddle in the City is a community based introductory kayak guided paddling course series offered by HERO USA. All HERO instructors are ACA certified instructors. We offer the ACA quick start to paddling curriculum designed for novice paddlers. The course is intended to introduce the participants to kayaking and canoeing.

    Participants will be participating in a guided paddle from the new access point at Amberleigh park to the take out point at St. Rt. 161 Kiwanis park. This section of the Scioto is gentle with some small riffles. There is an opportunity to catch some wildlife: Many bird species including blue herons and hawks, ducks, turtles and potentially a beaver or even a deer.

    Participants will have the ability to choose wither a single kayak or a tandem kayak with a partner. HERO USA instructors will cover all the basic safety aspects of paddling. Students will learn the proper technique for operating their boat and on water instruction on navigation.

    We ask that students bring water, sunscreen, a change of clothes and a towel and wear close toed shoes or water shoes (no flip flops).

    HERO USA is a 501©3 non profit organization who offers outdoor adventure sports training to under resourced youth. Our partners include The Boys and Girls Club of Columbus and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio. A portion of the proceeds of Paddle in the City classes are allocated to offering this same program free of charge to our community youth participants.

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    Add to CartAvailable346009-01Paddle in the City07/17/16- 07/17/16 1:00P- 5:00PSuAmberleigh Park$4518 years and UpItem Details
    Add to CartAvailable346009-02Paddle in the City08/14/16- 08/14/16 1:00P- 5:00PSuAmberleigh Park$4518 years and UpItem Details
    Add to CartAvailable346009-03Paddle in the City09/11/16- 09/11/16 1:00P- 5:00PSuAmberleigh Park$4518 years and UpItem Details

    346011 - Learn to Stand Up Paddleboard

    The team at Project 908 are an experienced group of Stand Up Paddleboarders (SUP) who have SUPed all over the world from whitewater, flatwater to surfing. Yearsof experience making boards, paddling boards and instructing classes enable Project 908 to offer a class that meets the needs of a beginner SUPer. Begin with on land instruction to cover the basics regarding boards, paddle stroke, standing up and safety. Following 20 minutes of on land instruction we head to the water. The instructor stays with the class to ensure each pupil stands up and SUPs. Participants must dress appropriately for an outdoor, water activity. This class will be held at TAASC, NOT Twin Lakes. TAASC is located at: 6000 Harriott Dr, Powell, OH 43065

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    Add to CartAvailable346011-03Learn to Stand Up Pa07/23/16- 07/23/16 9:00A- 10:30ASaTwin Lakes$5018 years and UpItem Details
    Add to CartAvailable346011-04Learn to Stand Up Pa08/27/16- 08/27/16 9:00A- 10:30ASaTwin Lakes$5018 years and UpItem Details
    Add to CartAvailable346011-05Learn to Stand Up Pa09/17/16- 09/17/16 9:00A- 10:30ASaTwin Lakes$5018 years and UpItem Details

    346209 - Intermediate Ballroom

    The Intermediate Ballroom and Technique class will cover the swing, foxtrot, and rumba in greater detail. Participants should be familiar with the basics of these three social dances or should have taken one Beginner's Ballroom at Dublin Recreation Center. The class will focus on learning more steps, as well as how to lead and follow them with a variety of partners. Other technique will include an introduction to Cuban Motion and Footwork. Singles and couples are welcome. $139/$153 per couple or $89/$99 for singles (if you are registering as a single, please contact the front desk: 614.410.4550).

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    Add to CartAvailable346209-02Intermediate Ballroo06/30/16- 08/11/16 7:45P- 8:45PThKaltenbach Park$139/$15318 years and UpItem Details

    356410 - Yoga for Every Body

    Whatever your body type or fitness level, you can enjoy the benefits of yoga. Yoga increases flexibility and strength while reducing stress and tension. No need to be intimidated by those hard-bodied pretzel poses, this class introduces a gentle sequence of poses that can be done anytime. Please bring a bath towel or blanket, small pillow and a yoga sticky mat to each class.

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    Add to CartAvailable356410-01Yoga for Every Body06/07/16- 07/19/16 6:30P- 7:30PTuDCRC$57/$6740 years and UpItem Details
    Add to CartAvailable356410-02Yoga for Every Body07/26/16- 08/23/16 6:30P- 7:30PTuDCRC$48/$5840 years and UpItem Details
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