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    133101 - Guitar Lessons

    Learn acoustic guitar from Derek Mortland, whose 30+ years of experience includes national and international music festivals and artist residencies with the Ohio Arts Council and VSA Ohio. This class teaches chord structures, basic scales, and the building blocks of music. Play songs of today and classic rock of yesterday. Bring your own guitar or use one of ours. For information call Derek at 614.296.8327 or Scott Hanks at 614.410.4557

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    Add to CartWaitlist133101-02Guitar Lessons04/06/17- 05/25/17 6:00 PM- 7:00 PMThDCRC$120/$1327 years 6 months to under 16 yearsItem Details

    133160 - Tabla Percussion

    In this course, students will learn how to play table (North Indian Drum). The class meets once a week. Starting from basic sound techniques, a few compositions will be taught within the duration of the course. Students will also be taught the rhythmic patterns unique to Indian music. Drums will be provided for the students to learn and practice.

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    Add to CartAvailable133160-04Tabla Percussion04/04/17- 05/23/17 4:30 PM- 5:30 PMTuDCRC$120/$1326 years and UpItem Details
    Add to CartAvailable133160-06Tabla Percussion04/04/17- 05/23/17 6:30 PM- 7:30 PMTuDCRC$120/$1326 years and UpItem Details

    134200 - ACT Inventory Workshop

    This is an excellent course for students who are looking for a thorough introduction to the ACT. Students learn the latest proven strategies as they work with practice tests created by ACT, as well as rigorous practice exercises created by Brian Stewart. With twelve hours of instruction, students can be assured that their individual concerns on everything from test anxiety to time management are thoroughly addressed. The class reviews and builds upon what is covered in the Turbo Workshop, but can stand alone as well. The class fee includes all in-class and homework materials.

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    Read NoticeUnavailable134200-02ACT Introductory Wor03/27/17- 04/05/17 6:00 PM- 9:00 PMM, WDCRC$315/$34712 years to under 20 yearsItem Details

    134252 - ACT Advanced Workshop

    The ACT Advanced Workshop is a unique course that uses a cutting-edge set of practice materials written by instructor Brian Stewart. These materials are designed to be more difficult than the actual ACT in order to help students reach their full potential. This course is an excellent fit for students who are already familiar with the ACT, have ambitious goals for college admission and scholarships, and are willing to push themselves with extremely challenging material. This class reviews and builds off what is covered in the Basic Class, but can stand alone as well. The class fee includes all in-class and homework materials.

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    Add to CartAvailable134252-01ACT Advanced Worksho01/31/17- 02/09/17 6:00 PM- 9:00 PMTu, ThDCRC$315/$347under 13 years to under 20 yearsItem Details

    134253 - ACT Turbo Workshop

    The ACT Turbo Workshop provides college-bound students with a comprehensive overview of strategies for all parts of the ACT. This is an ideal option for students with little time to prepare prior to the test. The Turbo Workshops are each scheduled shortly before an ACT. Students work with the latest materials, all of which are provided. Each workshop is uniquely tailored to meet the learning needs of all the students in the class.

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    Add to CartAvailable134253-01ACT Turbo Workshop02/05/17- 02/05/17 1:00 PM- 5:00 PMSuDCRC$99/$109under 13 years and UpItem Details
    Add to CartAvailable134253-02ACT Turbo Workshop04/01/17- 04/01/17 1:00 PM- 5:00 PMSaDCRC$99/$10912 years to 19 yearsItem Details

    134300 - American Red Cross Babysitting

    Learn to safely care for young children. Topics include characteristics of children, selecting appropriate games and toys, diapering, feeding and proper babysitting procedures. Information on accident prevention and emergency action is also provided. Class fee includes a babysitter's handbook and American Red Cross certification. Bring a lunch and drink for this all-day program.

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    Read NoticeCancelled134300-01American Red Cross B01/21/17- 01/21/17 9:00 AM- 3:30 PMSaDCRC$55/$6511 years to 16 yearsItem Details
    Add to CartAvailable134300-02American Red Cross B02/18/17- 02/18/17 9:00 AM- 3:30 PMSaDCRC$55/$6511 years to 16 yearsItem Details
    Add to CartAvailable134300-03American Red Cross B03/11/17- 03/11/17 9:00 AM- 3:30 PMSaDCRC$55/$6511 years to 16 yearsItem Details
    Add to CartAvailable134300-04American Red Cross B04/22/17- 04/22/17 9:00 AM- 3:30 PMSaDCRC$55/$6511 years to 16 yearsItem Details
    Add to CartAvailable134300-05American Red Cross B05/20/17- 05/20/17 9:00 AM- 3:30 PMSaDCRC$55/$6511 years to 16 yearsItem Details

    134400 - Family Tae Kwon Do

    Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art that incorporates self-defense moves, hand techniques, and a variety of kicks. Ji Do Kwon is one of the oldest forms of Tae Kwon Do, dating back 2000 years. Traditionaly, Ji Do Kwon training focuses on discipline through formal practice in a non-contact format. Ji Do Kwon Tae Kwon Do includes kicking, punching, striking, blocking, and formal patterns called forms. Training is continuous from white belt through black belt rank. Martial artists learn discipline and respect while they are exercising, having fun, and making new friends. Students progress to increasing belt levels at their own pace. When ready, they have the opportunity to participate in promotional tests (for an additional fee) to increase their rank and also to qualify to learn advanced techniques. Uniforms can be purchased from the instructor for an additional fee.
    Instructor: Master Mark Bouska, 5th Degree Black Belt

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    Add to CartWaitlist134400-01Family Tae Kwon Do01/23/17- 05/22/17 7:15 PM- 8:25 PMMDCRC$187/$2069 years and UpItem Details
    Add to CartWaitlist134400-02Family Tae Kwon Do01/23/17- 03/13/17 7:15 PM- 8:25 PMMDCRC$96/$1069 years and UpItem Details

    137575 - Indoor Triathlon

    New! This is a new and fun indoor triathlon for athletes ages 10-15. This event will be timed 10 minutes of swimming, 10 minutes of biking and 10 minutes of running. each participant receives a race shirt and a medal. Please contact Scott Hanks or Heath Gorden at or 614-410-4557 to reserve a heat time and shirt sizing or for race and registration information.

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    Add to CartAvailable137575-01Indoor Triathlon02/18/17- 02/18/17 4:00 PM- 6:00 PMSaDCRC$3510 years to under 16 yearsItem Details
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